Dance on top of a Giant Metal Dog Head

metal dog head

If you are a Fortnight player, then you already know about the new season. The new season 7 gives a three-stage challenge, one of which you will have to dance on top of a giant metal dog head somewhere in the game.

However, when you hear a metal dog, you will see instantly think about the junkyard. The challenge is in three stages, so you will have to complete all three to get the reward. 

Fortnight is an online multiplayer game where you will land on an island try to survive. It is an RPG game you will have to shoot and gather supplies.

Moreover, you also can collect wood, metal, and other materials to make your fort or safe house. On top of that, the developers tend to give you some challenges to keep the game interesting. 

The purpose of our article is to give you an overview of the new season challenges, where they are, and how to find and dance on to a giant metal dog to complete the whole challenge. 


Overview of the three Challenges 

The new season 7 offers you three challenges where you will have to find the spots and dance. The first one is dancing on top of a sundial.

The second one is dancing on a cup of coffee, and the third one is dance to on top of a giant metal dog head, which the hardest among the three.

The most challenging part about the challenges is to find those places; for example, the giant metal dog is a hard thing to see in the game, especially the map being so big.

Moreover, most people think it is in the junkyard junction as it is a metal dog head, and that is precisely where you are going to find that giant metal head. 

However, it is a bit confusing as there are other things in the junk junction that resemble the metal dog head. Keep in mind that the hill behind the junk junction has a llama and not the giant metal dog head where you wi9ll have to dance.

The giant metal dog head is in the junk junction somewhere in the middle of the junction. 


Where to find the Giant Metal Dog Head

As you can tell, you are going to the junk junction to find the giant metal dog head. However, it is not behind the hill as it is a llama, and you can tell the difference by its long neck.

When you are looking forward to dancing on top of a giant metal dog head in Fortnight, you will have to search the northwestern corner of the junk junction side of the map.

The dog is in the sign out front of the junkyard. It is closer to the southern entrance; however, it is a bit tricky to identify the object as there is a lot of junk.

We recommend that you land on that side of the map to get ahead starts to complete the challenge. You can stand at any part like the head or the nose or the shoulders and start the trademark Fortnight dance. 

You will have to remember that the junk junction is a hot zone and famous for people landing to complete the three-stage challenge and eliminate others quickly. So be cautious as you climb the giant metal dog head and start dancing. 


Where You will have to Dance on the Metal Dog

The Fortnight season 7’s last challenge is that you will have to dance on the metal dog. It is reasonably easy to find as it is a giant metal dog head, and you cannot miss it when you go to the junk junction. 

So, go to the junk junction, and at the entrance, you can see the metal dog head, which is made from junk but look awesome, to be honest.

Then you will have to jump on top of the structure’s head and dance which will complete your task.

However, you will have to remember that it is the third part of the challenge so you will have to complete the other two before going to the junk junction.

Another thing to remember is that the junk junction is a hot zone now as players are landing there left and right, so watch your back. We do not want to get shot while we are dancing our hearts out. 

One quick tip that we recommend that you try to complete all of the tasks is to land at the location. Perform the task and then quickly exit back to the lobby and start again to the next location. 


Tips to Complete the Three-Stage Challenge

The tasks are you will have to dance on top of three structures and then get a reward. However, it is not that simple as it looks, as there will be other players who will try to shoot you down to win the match. So you will not only have to dance on these structures, but you also have to survive. So, we thought why not give you some tips to help in the process –


  • First, land on the task’s location, and as soon as you finish, exit to the lobby.
  • You will have to use your ears to listen to where enemies are and not get killed while performing the tasks.
  • You can use the materials that you have in your inventory to make a shield.
  • Try to organize your inventory to be quicker to access and build a shield when someone is shooting at you.
  • Practice your hops when they are shooting, and it will come in handy.
  • Keep a health kit with you in case you get shot and need to heal quickly.
  • You can make a wall around you while you are about to perform any task. It will help block the shots and give you extra time to escape. 



Fortnight is a very popular RPG game, and most players tend to play the game to master their crafts. Moreover, big tournaments are basing on the game.

However, most players play it for fun and to have a good time. That is why the developers give challenges and tasks to players every season. 

The new season’s task is to dance on top of the giant metal dog, which is quite a handful as the zone is a war zone as players are turning up here and there to complete the task.

That concludes our article, which will hopefully help you find the giant metal dog and complete the challenge. 




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