Does the dog die in Crawl?

The question itself, “Does the dog die in the crawl?” clears the fact that how all the animal lovers are curious and worried for the canine.

As the movie Crawl featured a dog named Sugar in it and as it a horror movie and based on the survival of people by a cruel and dangerous animals attack, the question remains unanswered: if the dog survives with them or not.

This one question has been a cause of many allegations for the movie directors that why they have to feature a dog dying in their movie.

They keep blaming them repeatedly, not knowing that these disasters damage human life and every life that comes in their way. But one can’t blame them; seeing a dog die is somewhat disturbing.  


 Does the dog die in Crawl?

Crawl is an American horror movie based on a somewhat natural disaster in which there is a tsunami that brings a lot of water into the town in the form of a flood.

But to differentiate it from others that shows flood being the sole cause for all the trouble, writers of this film came up with the idea that this tsunami also brings Hungary alligators with it that becomes more and more comfortable as the water rises.

This single thing makes their film twice intense as any other film of the same category.

Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen wrote the script and the scenes of the film. Alexander Aja directed the film, and Craig Flores, Sam Raimi and Alexander Aja produced the film. And the essence of all these great Filmmakers made a masterpiece.

Gross of Crawl:

Due to its great storyline, unexpected twists, and confusion about Sugar’s fate, this film grossed $91.5 million, and the film’s production budget was $13-15 million, so they made pretty much profit.

Leading Roles: 

The leading roles of this film are a father and a daughter trying to survive the fatal animal attack. Kaya Scodelario performs the part of the daughter, and Barry Pepper performs the role of father.

Dog (Sugar) in Crawl:

Another interesting fact about this film is that they showcase a pet dog named Sugar; in this film, her love and affection for her owners and innocence increase the viewers’ interest and curiosity.

As the movie continues,  concern remains on how this innocent creature will react and deal with disastrous circumstances. 

And also, the reactions of the dog seeing the owners in trouble is just priceless though it’s pretty sad seeing her in danger due to the cute looks and appearance.

There are many scenes in the films that are showcasing this cute and beautiful little creature. In some shots, the dog is swimming in flood to find a way to the owners.

In many segments, we can see the dog crying for help. And it is also very astonishing to see the dog control as this dog isn’t losing the temper.

It’s interesting to see the dog’s patience as these animals don’t have to starve, and even after experiencing such troubles, the dog’s loyalty is just on another level.

Having a dog featured in a movie was a brilliant idea for many different reasons. No doubt having a dog adds many cute and emotional moments in a film that increases the interest of the movie.

But sometimes, it becomes challenging to deal with it and give roles to it as the criticism from the viewers have to be taken under consideration.

This movie also brought much criticism regarding the dog’s survival. The questions like whether the dog will live or die made the filmmakers stutter for a second after they release the first trailer


So Does the dog die in Crawl?

Due to all these reasons, this question was quite popular even before the film’s release about what would eventually happen to the dog. Will the dog survive, or just like all the other films, will not be given much importance and left behind to die.

Will the dog be given significance and let to live with its masters after its epic survival? Or will there be any other twist to the plot?


Just like the flood shown in the movie, there was also a flood of questions ready to be asked. Many talk shows started to ask this question, and day by day, the favorite dog by the name of Sugar, became quite famous.

And in many interviews, they cleared many arguments regarding this matterLooking at the hype about Sugar, they knew that this movie would do great business. The business of the film also depended on this question.

And then the film released and the curiosity destroyed, finally the answer revealed and it is Yes! The dog does survive the whole disaster and isn’t left behind. Although the director Alexander Aja explained that we had many retakes and we had to replace many scenes regarding the dog.

We made him die in one segment. And there was also a scene where we were feeding the dog to Kaya and Berry so they will not starve to death but keeping in mind all the criticism. We have to come up with the dog’s survival.


He mentioned that it is weird to understand that, “Why people are okay with humans dying in the movie but can not see a dog dying.”


He also mentioned that they had a pretty competent team. And they decided that they can double the interest of their viewers by letting them expect different things regarding the dog instead of just killing him and destroy their interest in the movie.

They explained that the team’s decisive move to increase the stake by playing with their viewers’ minds.The producer and directors cleared that they could make Sugar die in any scene, but instead, they just put an underlying tension that whether the dog would survive or not.

And played with all of our minds, and no doubt they did play well. And, it was a great move as later the Crawl grossed $91.5 million.


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