Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

The Bernese mountain dog golden retriever mix is one of the most favourite dog breeds for many people. They are perfect in terms of looks, structure, and loyalty towards the family. The breed is known for its loving nature and its aggression to protect the ones they care about.

If we talk about the Bernese mountain dog, it is a unique creature and is very devoted to its family. On the other hand, the golden retriever is also a unique breed; however, there is a difference between the temperament, and they tend to like everyone. The mix of both breeds gives you a lovable big furball along with a temperament to protect the family from any threats. However, they do require a lot of attention, for example – regular exercise and brushing their hair now and then.

Our article will give an in-depth overview of the Bernese mountain golden retriever mix breed, how they react, their behaviour, and nature. 


About Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

The golden mountain dog is a mix between the Bernese mountain dog and the golden retriever. The breed is very attractive, and most people like it due to its size, appearance, nature, and loyalty. IF you wish to get a Bernese mountain dog golden retriever mix AKA a golden mountain dog, you will get a complete package of love and loyalty.

Well, a mixed breed tends to inherit some or most qualities of their parents. However, both parent breeds have an endearing nature, and you can expect them to get along with your family. The golden mountain dog is gentle and very good around the family, making it an ideal companion. Moreover, there are some other attributes of the mixed breed that attract most people, such as –


It is a beautiful and majestic-looking canine with a large body that measures from 23 inches to almost 27 inches. Moreover, considering the weight, which could be around 70 to 110 pounds depending on the diet and exercise. However, it also depends on genetics as it is a mixed breed, and it does not tell which parent will have the dominating genome. The golden retriever is a smaller breed, and on the other hand, the mountain dog is a medium-sized dog. 

Moreover, with large floppy ears and stunning eyes, you cannot stop taking a second look. Also, not to mention the fluffy fur, which makes cuddling at night so much more relaxing. 


The Bernese mountain dog golden retriever mix or the golden mountain dog is one of the breeds’ friendliest breed. Moreover, you can feel comfortable inviting it into your home without hesitation as they are very loyal and good around humans. 

If you are looking for a canine companion that is both affectionate and can cuddle in the sofa after a long day, the golden mountain pup is a perfect animal for you and your family. 

Another thing it is one of the most loyal dogs that you can wish to have around the house. They will always stay and show happy greetings to anyone who comes over; however, if they feel any threat towards their human partners, they will also show aggression. 


Reasons to get a Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

If you wish to get a canine companion for yourself, then there are get a golden mountain dog as –

  • They are very friendly and show almost no aggression. Moreover, they are very affectionate and loves to stay close to their human partner. 
  • The golden mountain dog can co-live with other pets in your house. Any pet owner has the same issue, can a new one live with the other one. The golden mountain has no such issues, and it can live peacefully with cats, other dogs, birds, and other pets in your house.
  • One thing any dog owner wants is that their canine will respond to their calls and training. The golden mountain is a very responsive breed; moreover, they adopt your training very quickly. 


Reasons Why you should not get a Bernese Mountain Dog Golden Retriever Mix

If you wish to have a golden mountain dog in your house, you will have to consider if the pup can also adjust to your family and your house. However, we recommend not to get one if –

  • If you have a small space where you live or stay in a small apartment. It is difficult to have a golden mountain dog in a small house when they grow up as they require a lot of space to run and hunt. Moreover, their exercise is what keeps them healthy. 
  • You will have to train the dog, and you do not have sufficient time to invest in their training, then do not get a golden mountain dog.
  • The breed has a very affectionate nature, so it is quite difficult to leave them home alone. You will need someone all the time, so they are perfect for a family, not a single person. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a golden retriever Bernese mountain dog?

The golden mountain dogs are crossbreeds, and as all the mix breeds go, they will cost slightly more than an average canine. However, it also depends on the colour and weight of the dog as a puppy. Considering the puppy weighing around 65 lbs to 90 lbs, it can cost around 1650 dollars to 1800 dollars. 


  • Do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed?

They have a double coat of fur. The outer coat is longer, and the undercoat is woolly. That is why you should be ready to clean a lot of fur from your carpets and clothes. The Bernese mountain dogs do shed a fair amount of fur; moreover, you are bound to find more fur in your bathtub during shedding season as you bathe them.



The Bernese mountain dog golden retriever mix is an overall ideal canine companion for you and your family. They are friendly, gentle, and not to mention the overall looks of the breed. It is a beautiful animal both inside and out; however, they require a lot of attention, proper nutrition, and training.

If you are a dog lover and considering getting one, there is no other better option than the Bernese mountain dog golden retriever mix. 



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