How to Make a Dog in little Alchemy?

I know the first question you might be asking is how to make a dog in little alchemy? Isn’t alchemy medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy which helps to transmute base materials into gold?

Yes, you are right, but we are talking about the little alchemy, the game which you can play on android, desktop, and on your iPhone devices.

Make a Dog in little Alchemy
Little Alchemy

Little alchemy is a creative game that allows you to mix and combine elements to create other elements. It is a fantastic game for anyone who wants to learn more about what creates which elements in our environment and what you can do with a specific material.

Moreover, the game is a learning platform, and you can create plants, trees, gold, bricks, steam, and even life with the right combination.

However, before you create life, you need to combine other materials to make the elements that will help make humans, wolves, and dogs.

Our article will help answer how to make a dog in little alchemy as the first step and how you can enhance your knowledge about alchemy and our environment through the game.

How to Play Little Alchemy

Mixing and combining is nature’s way to make something new in the world. Moreover, we humans also try to combine few elements to create a new thing; for example – we mix cement with water and brick, which will help to make a house.

That the core idea of the game, to help you understand what elements you can combine to create a sure thing and enhance your creativity.

When you first open the game, you will see a toolbar with four elements to start the game. Then you will select one element and then drag another element on top of that to combine.

The combination works like in real life, for example – if you combine water and fire, you will get steam. Moreover, earth and water make mud, and as you go further, you will make humans, wolves, and dogs.

Another pretty cool thing is that if you are stuck on a certain part like how to make a dog in little alchemy, you can always ask for a hint in the game.

The hint button and random element button will produce different elements for you to work with, mix, and combine.

How to Create Dog in Little Alchemy

You also have the opportunity to create a dog in little alchemy. It is a relatively simple process, but before you get to that, you will have to combine elements after elements till you get all the necessary items to summon a dog in the game.

However, you can follow two processes or combinations to get a dog in the game.

Wild animal and Humans combination

You can combine a human with a wild animal to get a dog in little alchemy. First, you will need the combination of humans, which is earth and life.

The first element you will have is from the start, and the next one, you also get it from the swamp, energy/ love, time combination.

Moreover, you will have to combine forest for the wild animal, which you can get from combining tree and tree. The life element you already have will then combine with forest and have wild animal elements.

Now you will combine both wild animal and human elements, giving you a dog in little alchemy.

Wolf and Bone combination

You have another option to have a dog in the little alchemy game. It will be the combination of wolf and bone which will make a dog.

First, you will have to get a wolf. The wolf is a combination of wild animals and the moon. You already know how to get a wild animal, so you will have to mix sky and cheese or sky and stone to get a moon.

The sky is air and cloud, and for the stone, you will mix air and lava. Moreover, you will have to combine time and milk to get the cheese element and then mix sky and cheese or sky and stone to get the wolf element.

Now for the bone, you will combine corpse and time. First, to get the corpse element, mix human and gun or a human and grim reaper.

We recommend the human and gun combination as you already know how to get the human element and combine metal and bullet; after that, mix both the human and gun element to get the bone.

Finally, combine wolf and bone to get a dog. It is pretty simple, but as we said earlier, you will have to go through the whole process to get the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the hidden elements in little alchemy?

You do not get every element in the book to start the game. The game’s design is to go through making every element that you can think of while playing.

However, here are some hidden elements and their combinations that you can make or get in the game –

  • Doge – dog, and computer.
  • Astronaut ice cream – ice cream and astronaut.
  • Keyboard cat – music and cat.
  • Ninja turtle – lake and story.
  • The orange ring – volcano and ring.
  • Yeti – mountain and story or mountain range and story.
  • Nessie – lake and story.
  • TARDIS – space and time.


3.What are the rarest things in little alchemy?

Video games have Easter eggs here and there, and so does little alchemy. You will have some essential elements to start the game, and most elements you will have to discover by mixing each element as you come across.

However, there are some rare things that you will have to create yourself, for example –

  • Keyboard cat.
  • Ninja turtle.
  • The one ring.


Little Alchemy is a uniquely creative and knowledgeable game that enhances your creativity and how you see the universe.

You have the opportunity to summon humans, wolves, astronauts, and dogs. However, most players want to know how to make a dog in little alchemy, as we all love dogs.

That is why we put forth the article to create a guideline and hits on creating a dog in little alchemy so that you can do it yourself while playing easily.

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