How to sell a dog

How to sell a dog


If you think that you can no longer take care of your pet, your choice must be to find a new home for it. The process is not simple but a heartbroken for the pet owner to live without the dear pet.

How to sell a dog
How to sell a dog

To sell a dog, you should have to follow the systematic way. Before searching for a new home for your pet, once you ask your family members, it might be possible that anyone from there wants to adopt your pet.

You may post an advertisement in the local newspaper of your city; in that advertisement, you should mention all the characteristics of your dog including, breed, color, sex health, age and appearance. If anyone is interested in your dog, he/she will contact you very soon.

Nowadays, primarily puppies are sold online, so in this articles, we will elaborate each and everything about how to sell a dog: let’s talk about the online selling of puppies:

How to sell a dog through online system?

When we talk about the laws and regulations to sell a dog online, no specific rule is designed for selling and purchasing the dog online.

Where to sell the dogs and dog product online:

Dog breeders and owners do offer a variety of dogs that are sold online ethically. When we talk about some best puppy selling platforms are Facebook group, official websites, and classified ad services are the best platforms to sell a dog.

While selling your puppy online, you should choose a specific channel that publicizes your pet the most for sale, and you have many options you may get stuck on single or multi-channel. Still, you should provide the following portfolio of your dog on the channel:

  • You should show your breeding program.
  • Inform your customers of the available puppies to set an impact on the customer
  • Offer your customer to deal in a professional way

Generally speaking, you should not rely on the channel; instead, it looks on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There is a lot of traffic present there,

but make sure your ad or post should look dynamic and genuine. You will get a response very soon to sell your pet; otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

How to sell a dog by using websites:

Like any other website, professional puppy selling websites ask the owner to register/sign up, and the website charges a bit monthly. On these websites, create your account, pay the monthly fee,

and you will be their permanent member. Now you can post the pictures and characters of your dog for selling it, and very soon, you will get an order; this is a straightforward process.

One of the well-renowned websites is; this website charge around 10-15$ monthly and can provide you with the best services regarding selling your puppy.

Starting an online pet store for selling a dog:

Little things make a great difference; in the same way, first of all, you should start from a small online pet store; it will help you to a greater extent. Then,

you might start with E-commerce to check out how your product will be received and managed. There are many e-commerce sites available which we are going to discuss here.

You might get started E-commerce trading through worldwide popular sites like Amazon and Etsy; through these sites,

you may have your dog. The best thing about Amazon is that you pay fees only when you have made a sale; if you didn’t make sell then any fees, you have to pay.

Meeting up the competition in the online market:

You will face plenty of competition on the online stores as the product selling might be the same, but competition will be according to the low cost and fast delivery.

The important thing you need to know, make the best and unique pet/puppy for sale, but if you don’t have one, then research which product demand is too much.

Create your website:

You should hire a web developer to design your pet store. Choose the developer who has pretty good experience in the relevant work. Keep in mind that professional and experienced developers can boost your pet store in the best way to catch-eyes of the customers.

After making an effective website, link your website to the social media pages like Facebook and post on Instagram to meet the largest traffic platforms.

Create a dynamic mobile Application:

In modern days, it’s not a brilliant idea to rely entirely on the website. So, make a mobile application is an easy way to access your product. You will choose between a hybrid app and native apps,

and you have to know that native apps are complex to design and require a professional; on the other hand, hybrid apps are easy to launch and access, less time-consuming.

And through these websites and dynamic apps, you may quickly sell your puppy.

So, in the end, we are sure that you have clearly understood the basics of selling a dog on both an online and offline platform.

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