How to steam hot dog buns

What are hot dog buns


A hot dog bun is a kind of delicate bun molded explicitly to contain sausage or hot dog. The first motivation behind this food was to make it conceivable to eat franks without consuming one’s hands.

There are two essential sorts: top-stacking New England Style Rolls or Lobster Buns in specific spaces, and side-stacking, fundamental in the remainder of the United States additionally called American Style Buns.

steam hot dog buns
Hot Dog Buns

The benefits to a top loader are that it holds the wiener safely and fits pleasantly into minimal three-sided paper boxes. For the most part, top-loaders are prepared next to each other and torn depending on the situation, leaving a level side surface for barbecuing.

Mostly asked question from many Americans that how to steam hot dog buns, so in this article, we will let you know different methods/tactics to steam hot dog buns.

Generally speaking, steaming hot dog buns is not too complex as people think, but you should have to be careful in this case.

As we know that bun steamer is generally designed for some specific purposes like steaming the bread, so when you want to steam your dog bun on the stove top or in the microwave,

they will turn the dog buns into soggy if you do not follow the procedure and precautions.

How to steam hot dog buns by using different methods :

Here we will guide you to steam dog buns by using a stovetop, oven, and microwave.

Stove top:

You have to keep in mind a dog boiled in the water is not steamed. It is boiled and is dirty. In this process, you have to take a pot with some boiled water but not too much-raised level, just a bottom,

then place the dog buns in the steaming pot and place it above the boiling pot for about 20 25 seconds, it is all set here.

Another alternative is also there, and you can put a dog bun in a hot pan, drop the hot water over it, and then cover the pan for 1 to 2 minutes; they will also be steamed.


In this process, first of all, you have to take a towel and wet it properly and then squeeze out the excess water from it, now take the dog buns and wrap buns in it properly and the place inside the microwave and set the timer to cook for 30 seconds, so now its all ready here.

So each of the methods we have discussed is pretty and effective if you want to steam hot dog buns.

New England hot buns are pretty different:

This recipe evolved from England; these are also known as New England split hot dog rolls. These are pretty soft and very delicious.

They are a perfect match for toasting to become crunchy. Their shape is rounded and buttery texture.

Now let’s discuss the ingredients which are required to make these delicious New England hot buns:


  1. Sugar: it should be granulated.
  2. Yeast: you may use any yeast, but more efficient and prominent is the instant yeast.
  3. Flour: All kinds of flour are best for making buns.
  4. Salt: the most critical step while cooking bun is the quality of salt; use best quality salt
  5. Milk powder: we use powder as the milk powder has more lifespan than liquid milk, and it doesn’t need to refrigerate.
  6. Butter: make sure it should be softened and unsalted.
  7. Corn starch: through this material, you will get super energetic buns.
  8. Water: use lukewarm water, as it can not kill the yeast
  9. Egg: For making buns, use the large-sized eggs

Alternatives of hot dog buns:

There are many alternatives present in the market for hot dog buns. A few are mentioned below

  1. Le fancy Franc
  2. The fiesta dog
  3. Old country dog
  4. Frank and waffles
  5. Pretzel dog
  6. Dog in blanket

So this was all about the hot dog buns; in this article, we have elaborated the introduction to the hot dog buns in a little summarized manner, then we have talked about how to steam hot dog buns,

there we have used different methods to stem hot dog buns to make them more tasty and efficient to the bun lovers. In the end, we have defined a recipe for New England hot buns, and we have introduced their ingredients for ease and some alternatives to the hot dog buns.

We are sure that you will fall in love with the hot dog buns after reading our articles; it is too much enriched with the information regarding the hot dog buns.


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