Why did my dog pee on me

When we talk about the peeing of a dog, it is a natural thing. Still, it depends on the age of the dog as well, so here in this article, we will talk about why did my dog pee on me; it’s all about the physical and mental approach of the dog,

the essential thing why dog pee on someone, when the dog becomes excited, have fear, suffering from fever and some other conditions. So without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Why did my dog pee on me suddenly?

There are a few reasons behind the peeing of the dog, one of the most basic of it is domination related or “scent marking.” This is what you are not familiar with, but we have already discussed that it depends on your dog’s age; some other primary reasons behind this when your dog feels ill or has not been neutered.

Above mentioned reasons are fundamental, but here we will provide you the best material after so much research.

Scent marking:

Scent marking is the conclusion when you jump suddenly when your pet pee on you suddenly; everyone who knows pet will consider it as territorial marking.

When we speak about territorial marking, it is pretty distinctive and straightforward. A small amount of urine and your dog do while lifting its legs is more common in male dogs, whereas female dogs can also do this.

How can you stop his dogs’ scent marking you?

If you have a dog in your home and peeing on you to leave its scent, understand that your dog requires some special training to overcome this problem as we know that exercise can make a strong bond between you and your pet, and it results in enriching your pet with good habits and manners.

When you think that the dog is peeing on your foot, say “No” and ensure that your speaking is like a command and the pet has listened to you. It is not a child’s play to train your pet within a few times, and it requires a lot of work; as the saying says, practice makes everyone prominent.


Generally, dogs pee when excited, and research reveals that dogs pee on their owners when they get back home from training or walk. So it can be said that when the dog feels the pleasure of joy and excitement, it pees on you. You will feel when pees on you during excitement, it will give you specific signs like:

Spinning in circle

Wagging tail


How can you stop your dog to pee on you from excitement:

If you think scolding your dog will be enough to stop this habit, it is not helpful. This is an involuntary reaction. You don’t have to worry about it as when the age of your pet increases gradually, this habit will eventually be stopped.

The nervousness of your dog:

Every living organism which has sense organs feels nervousness, and in the case of gods, this can cause to pee. In the stressing condition, like anxiety, fear, and depression, primarily animals pee.

Here we will give you a tip to know that it tends to release urine in relatively more minor amounts when your dog pees in the nervousness rather than releasing its bladder. There are some other symptoms of anxiety as well, such as:

  • Shaking
  • Panting excessively
  • Hanging their head
  • Tail between their legs
  • Whimpering

How can you stop your dog peeing on you out of anxiety:

While solving this problem, if you think that your dog pee on you due to fear, anxiety, don’t scold your dog for this. Make your behavior good with your dog, and resultant, it will make perfect chemistry between you and your dog.

Not being sprayed or Neutered:

When we talk about the health of the dog, spraying them and neutering is good for them. Both techniques will make your dog fit and healthy and improve their life day by day.

However, it is observed that un-neutered dogs are territorial. Therefore, when your dog is neither sprayed nor neutered, it will increase scent-marking chances.

The benefits/advantages of spaying or neutering your dog:

Of course, there are many advantages of neutering and spraying your dog, and you will observe your dog’s behavior after neutering or spraying them; you will see the difference.

If you are ready to neuter or spray your dog; first learn about some benefits:

  1. Lowering the aggression (Both male and female dogs)
  2. Remove chances of pregnancies
  3. Reduces humping habit
  4. Reduces the chances of cancer and some other deadly diseases.


Illness of your dog:

This is the most common and well know the reason behind the peeing of your dog. When your dog is sick, then it will have less control over its bladder to control the urine. It means that your dog can pee on you very much; this is the same case when the dog becomes too old.

Potential illness that causes loss of bladder functioning:

  1. Spinal injuries
  2. Prostrate disorder
  3. Dementia
  4. Kidney stones
  5. Urinary tract infection

Final words:

As it is the nature of living beings that they understand the language of love, and if you want to train your pet to stop them from peeing you, you should treat them will love and patience. In any severe concern, kindly contact your vet.


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