My dog’s a democrat

 I think my dog’s a democrat is a song that is verbally attacking the Democratic party and all the Democrats out there.  The writer of this song is Bryan Lewis, and he wrote this song clearing all his points for the democratic party.


Bryan Lewis:

Bryan Lewis is one of the top songwriters, videographers, stand-up performers, and also portrait painters. He is famous for his words. His writings include angry, impassioned essays, songs including rants, and stand-up performances that are a mixture of comedy and tragedy. He clears his points with the help of his firm and alleging lyrics, and most people like him for it. He has posted some music videos on the internet, and many people admired him for those influential writings. One of the most famous songs is I think my dog is a democrat, and this song has over 13 million views and almost 300 thousand likes because of his punching jokes and great lyrical comebacks. These many likes and views show how much the people liked and enjoyed his writing.


The reason behind writing the song


“I think my dog’s a democrat” is a collection of great punchlines, funny lyrics, indirect criticisms, and reprimands. The way Bryan Lewis ridicule the democratic party is just hilarious and witty. Some people might get offended by it, but Bryan Lewis just wrote it for the sake of fun and indirectly explained his point by adding the element of comedy to it.


Brief Analysis of the Song:

Whenever a person listens to this song, he will get a clear idea that this song is a lyrical and indirect criticism for the famous party of the United States: The Democratic Party and Bryan Lewis used the word “Dog” for their supporters.


The Democratic Party:

The democratic party is one of the two most famous political parties in the  United States, founded by Andrew Jackson. Considering the time it has been active for makes it one of the oldest political parties. Many famous presidents like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and the current president Joe Biden are the members of this political party. 

Despite the development this political party has done, the opposition supporters are against them, and they think That their party has always proved to be better in every aspect.


Dogs of Democratic Party: 

Dogs is a famous slang or term used by the voters of the Democratic party. The reason may be their loyalty to their party and because they vote solely for their party without thinking about a single thing.


Explanation of the Lyrics of I think my dog’s a democrat

The song’s lyrics are funny and hilarious, and it’s pretty fun to listen to the music.


Explanation of the First Verse:

In the first few verses, Bryan Lewis is trying to express his grief that he is a supporter of The Democratic party and explains that he is sad for that, but all these hints and evidence clearly show that he is a democrat.


Explanation of Chorus:

In the song’s chorus, he indirectly points towards the corruption that this party has done using the terms food and healthcare facilities he provides to his dog. He even mentioned that these democrats even tried to unionize the republicans. He used the term cats for the republicans and explained it was just another of them.


Explanation of Second Verse:

In the second verse, he alleges the Democratic party with his unclear rants and angry lyrics. He keeps on symbolizing his dogs for the Democratic party members and their supporters that they do not follow any constitution and makes rules that suit their doings by corrupting the whole political system.

In the same verse, he also mentioned the event when they caused all the dread and accused George W. Bush. He emphasized the event by using different similes, metaphors, and personifications. He said how his dog just made the mess and put it on Bush.


Explanation of Third Verse: 

In the third verse, he showed aggression in the other following lines of the song and tried to explain that they would do anything to get the people’s votes even if they have to give money or do any other illegal thing. He is indirectly pointing toward the fact when they even counted the ballots for dead people.  And they even tried to lower the voting age so that they could somehow get more votes.

In the same verse, he also explained the event when the Democratic party tried to ban legal weapons and said that he would put them down if they would’ve done that.


Explanation of Chorus my dog’s a democrat

Again in the chorus, he starts by mentioning their corruption and illegal doing by symbolizing them with his dog and mocks at them by saying that you had to be a socialist to be arrogant. He cleared how they try to be socialist and have all the funds and leave the people out of all the things. He explained how they want individuals to rely on them for everything, either their food or medical facilities. 


Explanation of the Fourth Verse:

In the fourth and the last verse, he explains the foolish nature of all the Democrat party members and their supporters and says that this nature hints that no doubt they got this nature from Hillary Clinton.

And he ends it by saying they stand no importance for him as this party pretends to care about the government and political system. All they care about is wealth and earning money and because they are disreputable. He does not consider them to be respectable.


Explanation of some visuals in the song’s video:


Bryan used a dog house in his music video that indirectly symbolizes the council of all the members of the democratic party. He also showed the slogan “Feel the Bern” in the video, and he throws it into the bin expressing how pointless and stupid this thing was. The purpose of the slogan was to increase the fame of Bernie Sanders, as doing this might let people use his name more often. He showed Hillary Clinton barking while doing a speech, which symbolizes that sometimes the members of this party talk pointless things that stand no importance and do not have any benefits.

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