Peace of Mind Dog Rescue 

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR) is a not-for-profit association established in October 2009. Their assessment ID number (TIN) is 27-1154816. 

Their main goal is to be an asset and promoter for senior canines and senior individuals on California’s Central Coast. they center around aiding canines and individuals from Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito districts. 

They discover adoring homes for canines whose watchmen can presently don’t really like them and for senior canines in covers. They additionally give volunteer and monetary help so seniors can keep their pets with them as far as might be feasible. What’s more, they make set-ups to take in canines should their gatekeepers become incapable to really focus on them. 

they have a lifetime obligation to every one of the canines who come into our consideration. They will either be embraced into a brilliant, perpetual home or will experience their lives in one of our cultivated homes. (Now and again when we bring a senior canine into our consideration, it becomes apparent that the person in question ought not to need to persevere through one more move or life change.) 

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue 

They help senior residents pay for veterinary consideration for their canines in the event that they can’t bear the cost of clinical costs. They additionally give transitory child care to individuals who are hospitalized and canine strolling for individuals who are not, at this point ready to walk their canines. 


POMDR is driven by a devoted board and a fantastic staff. POMDR is additionally upheld by an organization of more than 1000 volunteers who assist with child care, appropriation occasions, transportation, office work, raising money, and different undertakings really. They highly esteem clinging to the POMDR culture. 


Their vision is to display lifetime care for canines and all friend creatures to help achieve a positive change in the manner society considers and treats senior canines, and to make better lives for them through salvage, cultivation, appropriation, hospice, and instruction. 


Their workplaces and central command situate at the POMDR Patricia J Bauer Center at 615 Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove. 


Peace of Mind Dog Rescue  Hospice Care 


Here and there when they bring a senior canine into their consideration, they see whether they have a perilous ailment. For a portion of their canines who are required to live a couple of months, they give Hospice Care. 


Giving Hospice Care to a canine is a major responsibility and a remunerating experience. In the event that you are keen on giving child care to a canine throughout the previous while or a greater amount of their life, contact them. As with every single encouraging task, POMDR will cover all clinical costs for canines in hospice care. 


How It Started 

Benefactor Carie Broecker is Executive Director and Co-Founder of POMDR. 

Savannah(Dog) propelled the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. Kindness of POMDR 

She just had a long time to live. They moved her to a hospice office, where he took Savannah to visit her perishing gatekeeper. 


There he discovered that it very well may be best for Savannah to be euthanized so she wouldn’t wind up in a sanctuary. he guaranteed them that he would deal with Savannah until she tracked down a caring new home. 

History of Peace of Mind Dog Rescue 

Since 2009, they have saved near 750 canines with most of them being senior canines. They take in canines from gatekeepers and safe houses in their tri-region—Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito districts on California’s Central Coast. 

The initial two canines they saved were Wyatt and Sassy. Wyatt, a 10-year-old Dachshund, and Sassy, a 10-year-old Chihuahua blend, came from the Monterey County Animal Shelter. They had lived a large portion of their lives in an 8×8 pen. Their gatekeeper had lost his home and gave up them to the haven. Wyatt and Sassy went through 3 months in POMDR child care prior to discovering cherishing homes. The two of them got careful veterinary tests, blood work, heartworm tests, antibodies, CPUs. Dental cleanings with numerous extractions and joint pain medicine before appropriation. 


Among the canines they have protected before they wound up in an asylum are Fox. A 13-year-old Shepherd/Chow/Samoyed blend, and her sister Lucy. In 2012, they had lived in a shed and fenced-in territory for just about six years. They got almost no consideration or social association. Since their first gatekeeper had spent away six years earlier. At the point when the subsequent gatekeeper died, they were made a beeline for the safe house. Luckily, the real estate professional for the property reached POMDR for help. 


At POMDR, Lucy creates a urinary parcel disease and pancreatitis. A clenched hand estimated a bunch of Bermuda grass must take out from her stomach. The vet accepted the grass had been in her stomach causing stomach-related problems for quite a long time. Fox additionally had urinary parcel contamination and had four teeth. Those were so worn out that she needed to have four root waterways.  For adapting dog it is the best.

POMDR is an association that is accomplishing a novel work. Canines likewise need cover for them. They likewise need love and care. This association is completely assuming all the liability of a canine and doing quite well. On the off chance that any guardians need their canine to be in a protected and caring zone. They should contact with them.

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