Questions to ask before adopting a dog

Questions to ask before adopting a dog


If you are a dog lover and want to adopt a dog, but without knowing its background will be a dangerous thought, you must know something about them like where they come from,

adopting a dog
adopting a dog

about their health and are they free from any disease and their behavior to the humans, so you must know the certain question to ask before adopting a dog.

It doesn’t matter where you are adopting a dog from a local rescue or humane society. It is most essential and critical to know everything about that dog.

That’s why in this article, we are going to elaborate you that which question to ask before adopting a dog. You may think that this article like a dog adoption interview:

At the end of these questions, you will feel relaxed and conscious and will know everything about this problem. So please fasten your seat belt and learn with us:

You have to note the amount of knowledge you will get from different sources vary. A dog living in the shelter will not be thoroughly evaluated as it is not living in the home environment.

This the reason behind building foster dog homes for pet lovers; by this method, we will fully understand the knowledge and doubts behind the adoption of dogs.

It is the fundamental nature of dogs that they feel comfortable in the home environment but not the shelter, as dogs feel uncomfortable to live in these suffocated places. So don’t worry and panic when adopting a dog. It can be a perfect part of your family in few days.

Now let’s start the questioning without any delay:

Questions to ask before adopting a dog, be precise and careful:

  • From how long is the dog living in the shelter or foster dog home?
  • Why was the dog surrendered?
  • How and from where did the dog came into the shelter or fostered home?
  • Are you sure that your dog allows you to take a bath, cut its nails and clean the ears?
  • Has the dog seen the face of a dog groomer? If yes, then when and where?
  • What about its sleeping mode, whether he is sleeping in the crater or the bed?

Health questions:

Other than basic adopting questions, one should also learn about the health of a dog before adopting it, and here we will guide you about questioning specific health issues as well.

  • Has the dog been checked by the veterinary doctor when needed or not? Does the dog suffer from the medical issue? If yes, then which one?
  • Are the dogs neutered or sprayed or not?
  • Have the dogs already done with all kinds of vaccines that are essential before adopting a dog? If yes, then you have to ask for all the medical records.
  • Does the dog contain a microchip?
  • Do the dogs suffer from any allergy?
  • Before adopting it, check the eyes and ears of the dogs whether these are clean or not?

Potty training questions?

  • Whether the dog you are going to adopt is potty-trained? Sometimes it is assumed that adult dogs are naturally potty-trained, but it’s not making any sense.
  • Has the dog any signals for going outside the home or for exercise?

Energy level questioning:

The dog you are adopting, how much energy is needed by it?

  • What about his energy level and how it looks like?
  • For how long can the dog walk in a day? And for how many times?
  • Does the dog feel relaxed and good when you stop playing with the dog?
  • What about the dog’s favourite activities? (Swimming, walking or running)

Behavioral questions:

  • Does the dog is dependent or independent?
  • What about his nature? Does the dog feel shy or not?
  • Does the dog make you feel that he Is showing any sign of separation anxiety?
  • Does the dog bark more than the average level when you left it alone.
  • For how long, the dog can live inside the home alone?
  • Does the dog feel any kind of phobia, generally loud noise?
  • Does the dog enjoy chewing the things like children’s toys and furniture?
  • What about his company with his other companions?
  • Do the dogs enjoy going outside the home and to the parking areas.
  • Things make aggression and kind of fears in the dog (Bikes, Cars, Noise, Strangers) etc.
  • What about the behavior of dogs with children? Does he a children-friendly or not?
  • Have you noted down its behavior while the dog is in the car, does it scary or not?

Training questions:

  • What kinds of commands and signals can the dog understand?
  • ¬†Which kind of training types of equipment/tools has been used over the dog?
  • May I take the dog for a short walk to check its training abilities, and if you have another dog, ask the owner to walk both dogs together simultaneously.
  • What about the dog’s food motivation?

Here we have discussed all the possible scenarios while adopting a dog, generally speaking, no dog is prominent and perfect. By asking these questions, you will undoubtedly find the best dog for you and your family to adopt that can match your family

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