Three Dog Night – Easy to be hard


The song “Three Dog Night – Easy to be hard” is a song written for “Hair,” a famous rock musical published in 1967. The song is the perfect example of how one can bring all emotions into one thing. Galt MacDermotJames Rado, and Gerome Ragni wrote this song, these were the artist who formed and assembled the musical in 1967, and Lynn Kellogg sang this song.


Later one of the most famous music bands of the mid-’60s, Three Dog Night, covered this song for their album Suitable for Framing in 1969. Chuck Negron performed the lead part of the song, and Gabriel Mekler produced this song.


With the voices of all the great singers of Three Dog Night, the song “Easy to be hard” became popular just after its release as it was the time of rock music and people were really into listening to rock music with all those great vocals, and deep lyrics. And inevitably, this song had all that required.


Achievements of the song

The song became quite popular in countries like Canada and the United States and ranked high on the billboards. Following are the achievements of this song.


  • After Three Dog Night covered the song, it reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969.
  • It ranked number 2 on Canada RPM’s top singles.
  • It ranked no 3 in the U.S. cash box top 100


And even after a year, it remained in the top 100.


Three Dog Night:

Three Dog Night is a famous rock band of American origin, assembled and formed in 1967. The founding members of this band are Danny HuttonCory Wells, and Chuck Negron, and later on, following artists joined the group and doubled up the band’s value.


  1. Jimmy Greenspoon, keyboard player
  2. Joe Schermie, a bass player
  3. Michael Allsup, a guitarist
  4. Floyd Sneed, drummer


Origin of the name:

June Fairchild, the girlfriend of one of the vocalists of the band Danny Hutton, suggested the name for their band after reading an article about the ancient Australians who used to sleep in a hole and embrace the wild dogs in the cold nights. The number of dogs that they embraced depended upon how freezing the nights were. On the moderate cold night, they used to embrace two dogs, but when the nights’ coldness was extreme, they used to embrace three dogs and famously called it a “Three Dog Night.”


Achievements of the Band:

This band’s compassion for music was just outstanding. “Three Dog Night” had released many songs, and almost 21 of them ranked among Billboard’s Top 40 hits in the interval between 1969 to 1975, and three of them even ranked number one in Billboard hits.


They have many awards and recognitions as well. And The Vocal Group Hall of Fame even admitted them formally in 2000.


Brief Analysis of the Song Three Dog Night – Easy to be hard

The rock musical “Hair” featured “Easy to be hard” in it, and the storyline this song tells comes from it too. It is a rendition song, and it is about a young girl named Sheila who is upset about her boyfriend named Berger, who seems to only care about people and the needy, and while doing that, he forgets about his friends and family.


Explanation of the Lyrics:

The lyrics of any song are the central effecting part, and so is with this song the lyrics are just incredible. The explanation about each verse is below.


Explanation of the First verse:

In the first verse, the song clearly explains what it is about and its main idea. Galt MacDermotJames Rado, and Gerome Ragni wrote this song with precision by adding just the perfect amount of sentiments. “Easy to be Hard” is about a woman who got betrayed and left alone by a guy who prioritised helping and caring about others.

She is questioning that how can someone be that heartless? How can someone be such cruel? And then she assumes maybe it is easy to be stiff and numb than to care and feel.


Explanation of second verse:

She still angrily questions, how can people have no feelings? How can their pride let them forget about their friends? Why can’t they remember all those memories they spent together, all those times they cared about each other. How can their pride even get between them?



Explanation of the Chorus of Three Dog Night – Easy to be hard

In the song’s chorus, the woman complains that no one seems to care about humanity in this world, no one seems to care about strangers, so why are you? She continues to complain that, who cares if there is injustice? Who cares if it is evil out there? And in the sentiments of jealousy, she clears that you have to care about your own family and friends.

You can see the perfection in the lyrics with this line in which the writer used the term “bleeding crowd” for those in need. Writers used these words as a script for the woman that her boyfriend cares for her. Others and questions, what if I need a friend at some point, or I need you.


Explanation of third verse:

In the third verse, Sheila has the same complaints about Berger for being heartless and cruel to her when she has given everything she had to him and loved him. But his attitude always disappoints her, and she solaces herself that maybe for him, his pride worths more than love or maybe saying no makes things easy for him.


Explanation of the second chorus:

She continues to question the same things, again and again, to add depth and emotions into it and make him realise that she is something as well. She should be as important to him as he is to her. And clears him that we need a friend as well and specifically need Berger.


Explanation of the last verse:

And in this fourth and last verse, we can see her crying the same thing again and again. If your pride is essential to you or you think that saying no to someone who cares about you eases up something for you, then you will be let go.


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