Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fritos? 

Having a furry friend around gives you a handful of benefits at any age or stage of life? And why wouldn’t it be as they help us overcome loneliness, ease anxiety, reduce stress, and makes us happy, but there is one thing that can create distance and make them pretty stinky! Yes, you got me right.

It’s when our dog smells like Fritos. It might be a sign of wonder for most of us. So please read on to discover the hidden reasons why your dog smell like Fritos and how to prevent it.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fritos? 

Growth of microbes: 

That “Fritos smell” is generally brought about by microbes that are regular yet emit a sort of yeasty scent, especially the microorganisms Proteus or Pseudomonas. Fortunately, numerous individuals wouldn’t fret this smell,

which is entirely different from stinky human feet! Summer’s high stickiness and unnecessary utilization of warmers in the colder time of year give ideal conditions to contagious development.

The spaces between your dog’s paws, and the breaks and fissure around a canine’s foot cushions, are the ideal spots for growths to flourish.


Dogs don’t have sweat organs like people. So they sweat through their foot cushions. This affects them from various perspectives, including stinky paws.

Managing the space between the foot cushions is significant for holding the odor down to forestall sweat back from pervading into their body.

Excessive licking

Foot melanoma, or a sense that is gotten contaminated from licking, can cause an upsetting scent. If so, it’s ideal to have the injury evaluated by a veterinarian.

Is a Frito Smell a Problem For Your Dog’s Feet? 

While numerous individuals may imagine that this odor is a sign of an issue, this isn’t typically the situation. Most dogs that have feet that smell like Fritos have no contamination in their paws. The limited quantities of microbes that are causing this unmistakable smell are typical for dogs to the harbor.

Some dogs, however, do foster an excess of microorganisms or foster a blend of yeast and microscopic organisms.  If this happens to your dog’s feet, it is an issue and is called pod dermatitis. 

If there is a plenitude of microorganisms and yeast in a dog’s feet, it will cause aggravation and bother.  Dogs will regularly grovel to or bite on them due to this aggravation, so if your pet is doing this and smells like Fritos,

it is a decent sign that it has an issue and not simply a typical, limited quantity of microscopic organisms present. If this is the situation, you ought to acquire your canine to see a veterinarian to treat the contamination.

How to prevent Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fritos? 

 Odor related to Frito feet relies upon an intersection of variables, including sporadic foot cleanliness, warmth and dampness in the climate, and the unchecked amassing of growths and microbes. Remember that,

while canines may not get perspiration as voluminously or with the inclusion of people, a significant number of a canine’s perspiration organs are concentrated around their feet.

One choice is to painstakingly manage any unnecessary hide from the foundation of your canine’s feet. People approach skin drugs, splashes, and powders to address foot smell; basic cleanliness practices may help address a canine’s Frito feet. 


If your canine is beset with Frito feet, the most straightforward thing to do is to sanitize them with a canine-protected, non-poisonous arrangement. With a tub, bowl, or another vessel that your canine can remain in serenely, regular family cleaners,

for example, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, can be joined with warm water to frame a powerful momentary methodology. You need to pour in enough to drench your canine’s feet.

Urge her to stay still with relieving words, a most loved toy, or a solid treat, so the hydrogen peroxide or vinegar can follow up on the microbial invasion, at that point altogether dry the feet, including between the toes, with the perfect material. 

How to deodorize your dog?

 Wash your dog routinely.  Bathing weekly is what most veterinarians suggest because such a large number of showers can dry out your puppy’s skin. Attempt a fragrant healing cleanser, 

like citrus or tea tree, which are best for battling smells. Brush your canine 2-5 times each week. A decent brushing disseminates characteristic oils and disposes of dead skin and cutoff points shedding. 

Pat your dog’s skin with heating pop or corn starch for a fast dry shower. Possibly one will kill smells. 

Feed your dog great canine food; sound inner parts equivalent to a superior smelling canine. Better assimilation can decrease gas and help keep up solid teeth and gums. 

Wash your dog’s sheet material routinely. The messy, stinky sheet material can prompt a rotten dog. A fast method to aerate the canine and the sheet material, give it a spritz. Make it! Fill a shower bottle with ¼ witch hazel and ¾ water. Add around 5 drops of lavender fundamental oil to the blend.

You can add more fundamental oil in the event you wish, yet don’t make the fragrance too solid as your canine presumably dislikes it.

Your dog  doesn’t possess energy for a yeast pervasion 

If your dog is likewise experiencing issues strolling or has been unreasonably kowtowing to or scratching at her ears or any skin folds,

Frito feet might be a side effect of a more genuine medical issue. At the point when you clean your dog’s feet, check for growing, scraped spots, or different indications of conceivable contamination or injury. 

A weird aroma is effectively dispatched; however, intermittent issues with dog smell may warrant a visit to the veterinarian.

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