Why is my dog breathing so fast?

Why is my dog breathing so fast?

introduction (Why is my dog breathing so fast?)

Is there anything very as tranquil as watching your puppy snoozing? In the event that you’re lucky, you may even find them acting adorable while dreaming! It’s a sweet kind of second that a canine’s human buddy can enjoy; however, now and again, you may see something stressful.

Fast breathing during rest can occur with your hairy companion, and it’s something to watch out for. It very well maybe only a fantasy about a high-velocity squirrel pursuit, possibly joined by funny leg developments as they attempt to run in their rest.

However here and there, it’s more than that. A pet owner is worried that why is my dog breathing so fast.

While it tends to be hard to pinpoint the justification for their fast breathing without asking your veterinarian, there are a couple of potential reasons you can watch out for.

When you feel that your dog is breathing so fast, it is a worrying thing and can cause severe panic. Here, one thing you should keep in your mind that puppies must breathe fast as compared to adult dogs,

So why it is? So the research reveals that puppies dream more than adult dogs that why their breathing rate is pretty higher than the adult dogs.

It is not a wondering thing; just like humans, dogs also dream during sleep time, a term widely used REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

This REM phase is a unique characteristic of mammals, including men; in this case, the brain activity increases to a great extent; eventually, your dog needs more energy during this sleeping phase.

To attain more energy, they breathe fast to take an excess/sufficient amount of oxygen transferred to the lungs and then to the bloodstream and convert to energy.

The REM cycle of your puppy is much more attractive as compared to that of the adult dog. In their comparison, adult dogs do not need to breathe too fast during sleep time.

So you should note that breathing fast for a while is no matter of grave concern, but if it is prolonged, you have to worry about it.

Factors that why is my pet breathing so fast?

So here in this article, we will discuss different factors involved in fast breathing in dogs. One of the most fundamental reasons why a dog is breathing so fast is the hot environment, so keep concentrate on your thermostat to maintain the temperature and eventually make the constant breath of your pup.

Another reason behind the fast breathing is when your dog runs, and after some exercise, breathing is a bit hard but will back to normal within few minutes. The other factors are mentioned below, which are the severe matter to concern:


When we talk about this disorder, it is a bloodstream disorder.  This happens when the immune system of your canine chooses to assault its red platelets.

The resultant of this attack is the lowering in the speed of circulating oxygen, and eventually, your pup has to try hard for breath, and its breathing speed increases.

Heart failure:

When your dog’s heart is working slowly, in this case, there will be rapid breathing is a sign that your pet is trying to circulate more oxygen in the body; hence, breathing speed increases from the average level.

So when you notice this, you have to check your pet by the vet after regular intervals.


A pet owner don’t  understand that why is my pet breathing so fast? As we know, dogs don’t sweat in the usual way; generally, they rely on the cooling mechanism.

Please don’t allow your dog to live in a heated environment, as it can lead your pet to heatstroke.

Vegetable poison (Onion and Garlic):

You have to know that onions and garlic are the nightmares for the dogs as after eating these stuffs, their breathing level increase to a dangerous level. In addition to this, other diseases can also attack, like diarrhea and vomiting.

Fluid-filled lungs:

Lungs play a prominent role in breathing, all mammals have a significant amount of liquids in the lungs, but when the liquid amount exceeds the normal, it will create a severe problem of breathing.

Standard breathing rate for the dogs:

As we have already discussed, please don’t compare the breathing rates of your puppy with the adult dogs; there is always a variation in their breathing rates. Research has revealed that a puppy can breathe between 15 to 45 times per minute, and on the contrary,

An adult dog has a slower pace of breathing in the range of 12-30 times per minute. So, if you want to examine your pet’s breathing rate, you may determine how many times it breaths in a minute.

You can check your puppy’s breathing rate why the dog is breathing so fast and predict the disorders; let’s take an example: if your dog breathes fast while sleeping in the daytime (Napping), this is the right time to check for certain factors.

When you feel it has a stomach issue related to fast breathing, it indicates the poisoning; conversely, discoloration of the gums or rise in the body temperature indicates heart or lungs failure.

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